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Licenses and Prices

License Types

There are images presented in our platform to use which you should select and purchase license corresponding to your creative project*
commercial license

Best option for online-project, social media and e-publishing

All media
Electronic impressions
without limits
Printing materials
up to 500 000 copies
Single seat
Cannot use in products
for resale
commercial license

For professionals
Expand your rights by purchasing additional options to Standard License

Extensions of the Standard License
More than one person in the company can use the image
Unlimited Print
Printing copies without any limitations
Product for Resale
Allowed to use the image in commercial product as a key design element or feature
commercial license

Blocks a further sale of all license types for the image for a term, designated by a purchaser**

Includes Standard & Enhanced Licenses
Period for exclusive use
6 months - 5 years.

Cut the price by customizing your license

Know how

It is possible to get free of charge license in case of constraint satisfaction

Single seat
Printing materials
up to 250 000 copies
Only personal or non-profit organization
Non-commercial electronic usage only
Cannot use in products
for resale
Editorial Only

The newsworthy images that help create your story, depict real people, events, places and products.

Unlimited copies
Unlimited web views
Single -use
Not for commercial use and resale
Not for advertisements and promotions
Cannot be edited
Important: all license types can have temporary limits, more details here

* Not all the license types are available for some images.

** Sales blocking takes place not only on our platform but in the entire IPStock blockchain network, which automatically outputs images from the sale on all platforms working through the IPStock blockchain. Limitations do not spread on licenses purchased earlier.

Price Configurator

All image prices presented on our website are designated by copyright owners.
Depending on your aims you can select and set a necessary type of license.
Available payment options includes all major credit card types, as well as IPS tokens.

If exclusive is too expensive for you? Manage your price!

You have an opportunity to bring the price down by limiting Exclusive rights validity duration only in those regions and industries that you need. The validity of rights corresponding to Standard and Extended license remains yours completely: all industries, worldwide, forever.
Industries you need

Exclusive rights spread only on industries selected by you, online and offline. For instance, selecting the chemicals sector for six months; all further licenses for this given image will be banned to use in this industry for six months (including online use on chemicals sector). Using this image in all other industries is available for all types of license.

Regions you need

Exclusive rights spread only on regions selected by you. For instance, selecting North America and Polynesia for twelve months, the works remain available for licensing but all the further licenses for given image are banned for use in these regions for twelve months. An image is available in other regions for all types of licenses. Online use remains available for all further purchased licenses without any limits.


To get the maximum decrease in price select cross limits banning use of necessary image in exact industry and necessary regions only. Thus, after selecting Sport in Australia use of this license in Sport industry in Australia will be banned but available for all the rest activities in other countries and in all the rest industries in Australia.

Licensing Restrictions

There are temporary restrictions for some images, which are caused by earlier purchased licenses. For instance, an image might be unavailable for use in Central Africa for the next three months.
Nevertheless, you are allowed to purchase Free, Standard, Standard Enhanced and Exclusive licenses for this image with the restriction to use it in corresponding region, industry or their crossing.
However, after a period of restriction is over, your license is automatically spread in these areas.

Image’s History

You can preview all the licensing history for each image which was registered in the IPStock blockchain, which allows selecting images for a project more consciously.